Bowhunting Hawaii with Shane Dorian

I often tell people that hunting is like hiking on steroids. Not only do you get exercise and fuel your nature fix, but in the rare opportunity that you do harvest an animal, you go home with fresh and healthy food for the family.
Watch professional surfer Shane Dorian on a Lanai hunting trip, as he proves he is just as talented on land as he is in the water.

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3 thoughts on “Bowhunting Hawaii with Shane Dorian

  1. Great video my man. I spent some time in Maui on vacation, and the whole time–I was wondering where, when, what, how do most people in this area hunt. Glad to see the hunting tradition is strong there. I am definitely going to look up Lanai. Any other areas that are top for hunting in Hawaii?

    • I’m glad you appreciated this. The Big Island (Hawaii) is also another popular spot in the islands… basically every island but Oahu, as the urban sprawl has depleted many animal habitats. It’s great out here because we don’t have bears, big cats, or snakes.

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